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04 November 2008 @ 05:08 pm
All is good. Mostly.  
Just me again, with pointless facts about my day that probably don't mean a whole lot to you!

I'm happy. Next week I have two days off school, and that Friday's apparently a dress-up day for Children In Need. And I have an inkling that The IT Crowd may be back on that Friday too. Happy!Chizz.

Next Thursday I get to skip hockey, geography and maths for the sake of my art - there's this artist coming in to do a workshop with us, which last 3 periods. Something to do with a link between English and art, and painting words and feelings or something. I'm curious, sounds interesting.

Speaking of art, I get the feeling I'm going to get eaten alive next time I go in, because I messed up my printing block. We were meant to glue on our stencils with the pencil-side up, so we could see, but I did mine the wrong way around...Cue the conversation.
Me: Do you glue the side with the pencil marks on it?
Rachel and Jess: Yes.
Me: *glues over pencil marks and puts it on my paper* Like that?
Rachel: Yeah.
Me: *takes it over to the drying rack and sees peoples with pencil marks on them* BUGGER, I'VE DONE IT THE WRONG WAY AROUND!!!"

Oh help.

Might go and watch Skins later with some ice-cream.

And does anyone know any good layout sites? I'm sick of looking at cupcakes.

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